Am I a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK offers an exciting opportunity for people who depend on glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision and quality of life. However, LASIK is not for everyone, and Eye Q Premium Laser has set criteria that need to be met before patients can be considered candidates for LASIK eye surgery.

Do I Need LASIK?

You may qualify for LASIK if you can relate to one or more of the following statements:

  • I fumble with my glasses or contact lenses first thing in the morning to read my alarm clock.
  • I find that I frequently lose or break my glasses or contacts.
  • Contact lenses are becoming an expensive regular cost.
  • I don’t like all the time associated with cleaning my contact lenses.
  • I feel unsafe at night if I am not wearing my glasses or contacts.
  • I can’t engage in the sports, travel and active outdoor life that I want to without relying on glasses or contacts.
  • I feel self-conscious about the way I look in glasses.

Suitable LASIK Candidates

To qualify for LASIK, candidates must have healthy eyes. Individuals with cataracts, chronic dry eye, uncontrolled glaucoma or conjunctivitis are not good candidates for LASIK. Suitable LASIK candidates should have a prescription that has remained stable for about a year. They should be at least 21 years old, as the refractive error is more likely to change before a candidate turns 21.

LASIK cannot be used to treat age-related vision loss (presbyopia). If you are experiencing presbyopia, explore your presbyopia treatment options with our highly trained and certified ophthalmologists.

Does Everyone Qualify for LASIK?

LASIK is not appropriate for patients who:

  • Have an autoimmune or immunodeficiency disease
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have signs of keratoconus
  • Take certain medications, such as Accutane
  • Have a very high level of refractive error

If we determine that you’re not a candidate for laser vision correction, rest assured; we will speak with you about your other vision correction options. Our goal is to improve your eyesight and enhance your quality of life, and we will work with you to find the solution most suitable for your needs.

To schedule a complimentary assessment with the Eye Q team to learn more about laser eye surgery, contact Eye Q Premium Laser by calling 780-429-2015.