With cataract surgery as well as LASIK and other types of laser vision correction surgery, your eye surgeon corrects your impaired vision, often providing you with clear monovision after your procedure. Here, Edmonton laser eye surgeon Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit, medical director of Eye Q Premium Laser, explains what monovision is and why it is an appropriate visual outcome for many patients.

What Is Monovision?

When an individual looks at an object, his or her normally functioning eyes work together to generate what is called binocular vision. However, most people have a dominant eye that the brain favors while performing visual functions. For instance, most right-handed individuals have a dominant right eye. Ophthalmologists can take advantage of the dominant eye during vision correction treatment to produce what is called monovision.

In contrast to binocular vision in which two eyes are working together, monovision is characterized by a dominant eye that is fixed to see clearly at far distances while the other eye sees clearly up close. Over time, many patients with monovision are able to adjust to this new mode of visual functioning. However, it is best to visit Eye Q Premium Laser to test out monovision with a set of trial lenses to determine if it is right for you.

A significant degree of binocular vision is preserved in monovision, so patients have sufficient depth perception to perform everyday tasks such as driving. However, with monovision, one eye has better distance vision while the other eye has better near vision.

Could You Benefit From Vision Correction With Monovision?

If you have advanced cataracts requiring surgical treatment with IOLs, suffer from presbyopia or have another vision condition such as corneal disease requiring refractive lens exchange treatment, you might be an appropriate candidate for vision correction treatment involving monovision. To find out if you could benefit from vision correction with monovision, schedule an assessment with Edmonton laser vision correction surgeon Dr. Leong-Sit and his team now.

To schedule a complimentary assessment with the Eye Q team to determine whether vision correction treatment with monovision is right for you, contact Eye Q Premium Laser by calling 780-429-2015.