Custom LASIK in Edmonton

Tired of reaching for your glasses first thing in the morning to see your alarm clock? Tired of the inconvenience of contact lenses? Maybe it’s time for you to consider having custom laser eye surgery in Edmonton, Alberta, with Dr. Joseph P. Leong-Sit, MD, FRCS(C). The team at Eye Q Premium Laser is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and vision correction results. This is our promise to you.

Led by corneal specialists Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit and Dr. Dean Mah, our team is committed to treating each patient with individualized care, using the latest technological advances in vision correction to deliver excellent surgical results.

Dr. Leong-Sit is a second-generation ophthalmologist in practice for more than 16 years. He has performed upwards of 15,000 vision correction procedures for individuals in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Dr. Leong-Sit has extensive expertise in a range of state-of-the-art laser technologies, including SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S, Nidek, Bausch and Lomb/Technolas and WaveLight. He underwent fellowship training with world authorities in corneal surgery at the University of Minnesota. He performs corneal transplants and serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Alberta.

About Custom Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a quick, painless form of laser eye surgery designed to correct myopia, hyperopia and / or astigmatism so you can greatly reduce or completely eliminate your daily dependence on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Your eye shape and corneal topography are as unique as a fingerprint. Before starting the laser vision correction procedure, Custom Femto LASIK WaveFront-driven imaging technology is used to generate a distinct map of your eye’s optical system, including its unique refractive error. This advanced diagnostic technology identifies the slightest eye abnormalities with far greater precision than ever before possible, including nearly imperceptible deviations known as “higher-order aberrations.” The Custom Femto LASIK WaveFront-guided treatment includes a distinct optical-correction schematic uniquely tailored for each individual eye. This data is used to customize your surgical treatment protocol, and directs the SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S excimer laser that is used to reshape the curvature of your cornea during laser eye surgery.

Once your optical system has been mapped, an advanced femtosecond laser technology, called IntraLase, is used to create a corneal flap. The corneal flap is lifted to access the underlying corneal tissue. Then, using the SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S excimer laser, the curvature of the cornea is reshaped to correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

The SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S excimer laser system is the most advanced laser platform currently available and, thanks to its revolutionary iris registration technology, is able to align treatment automatically, with the highest degree of precision, regardless of whether the patient’s pupil has shifted positions between the moment the eye was first measured and the time of treatment. Iris registration technology also ensures the greatest degree of personalized treatment, as no two eyes are the same.  Once the laser eye surgeon is satisfied with the newly contoured cornea, he carefully places the flap back in its original position, where it re-seals itself to the eye, without the need for sutures.

Patients usually notice an improvement in their vision within 24 to 48 hours after surgery, and are able to return to work or their normal activities at this time. Often, patients no longer need to rely on prescription eyewear to see clearly, and many achieve 20/20 vision — or better — after laser eye surgery.

See for Yourself What Custom LASIK in Alberta Can Do For You

At Eye Q Premium Laser, Dr. Leong-Sit and his staff are excited to help change their patients’ lives for the better. Now, it is time for you to experience what laser eye surgery can do for you.

Are you ready to see the world like never before? To schedule a complimentary assessment with the Eye Q team and learn about the life-changing benefits of custom laser eye surgery, contact Eye Q Premium Laser by calling 780-429-2015.

Trust Eye Q Premium Laser With Your Precious Sight

If you suffer from compromised vision, you understand that clear vision is a gift and your eyesight is precious.

Thankfully, the Eye Q Premium Laser team is led by Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit, a specialist in corneal and refractive surgery who is renowned for his expertise in the field, is dedicated to providing care that is personalized to each patient and that person’s optical and lifestyle needs. Dr. Leong-Sit uses only leading-edge technology and techniques to deliver extremely precise treatment and outstanding vision results.

The team at Eye Q Premium Laser is proud to have helped countless patients achieve clear vision, thus improving their overall quality of life. They can do the same for you.

Trust the team at Eye Q Premium Laser with your precious sight, and they will give you the gift of clear vision. To schedule a complimentary assessment with an Eye Q Optometrist and find out about the life-changing advantages of laser vision correction surgery, contact Eye Q Premium Laser by calling 780-429-2015 now.