Can LASIK Surgery Improve My Night Vision?

Custom LASIK surgery helps night vision

People who experience night vision problems, including the more extreme nyctalopia (or night blindness), have a hard time seeing in settings with dim light, and often see halos around lights at night. Driving at night and navigating a dimly lit room are more challenging for people who have this vision impairment. What are the causes.
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Life after LASIK: Activities to Enjoy in the Alberta Outdoors

See Alberta clearly after LASIK

At Eye Q Premium Laser, Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit performs LASIK surgery and gives his Edmonton patients the freedom of trekking the beautiful Alberta landscape without the limitations of eyeglasses and contact lenses. No more fogged up lenses while exercising, or losing the peripheral view of a beautiful panorama in nature. And gone are dry eyes from.
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