Diet Tips to Decrease Your Risk of Cataracts

A balanced, healthy diet may reduce your risk of cataracts

While it remains unclear if cataracts are 100 percent preventable, more and more research shows that there are ways to reduce your risk of developing them. One of the easiest ways to do so is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The experts at Eye Q Premium Laser offer the following dietary tips for clearer, cataract-free.
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The Link Between Diabetes and Eye Conditions

Diabetes has long been linked to eye conditions, which are often caused by the high levels of sugar in the blood. The following are the most common eye conditions associated with diabetes, and the ways in which the presence of diabetes in a person’s body contributes to these problems. Not everyone with diabetes will develop.
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After Cataract Surgery: 4 Must-See Places in Alberta

Beautiful Alberta through clear eyes

Alberta’s natural splendor can only be fully appreciated with clear eyesight. So if you recently had cataract surgery at our facility in Edmonton or are planning on having it soon, now is the time to plan a trip to see Alberta with your newfound vision. The doctors at Eye Q Premium Laser have helped narrow it down.
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