How to Treat Dry Eyes Before and After LASIK Surgery

Dry eyes are common after LASIK surgery

Dry eyes can make the LASIK recovery period uncomfortable. Unfortunately, dry eye is a common aftereffect of the LASIK procedure. Here, the eye experts at Eye Q Premium Laser look at the available options you have to treat dry eyes before and after LASIK surgery. Before Your LASIK Surgery It’s important not to take steps.
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Diet Tips to Decrease Your Risk of Cataracts

A balanced, healthy diet may reduce your risk of cataracts

While it remains unclear if cataracts are 100 percent preventable, more and more research shows that there are ways to reduce your risk of developing them. One of the easiest ways to do so is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The experts at Eye Q Premium Laser offer the following dietary tips for clearer, cataract-free.
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